You may have seen the reports — and they are correct — that the number of new foreclosures has dropped almost everywhere throughout the country. Although the Mortgage Bankers Association’s report about the drop in non-seasonally adjusted foreclosure starts might indicate otherwise, this fall, sharp-eyed buyers can still find any number of foreclosed homes in Leisure Village. For those whose goal is to find an appreciably nicer home at a lower-than-average price, a few basics shed light on the process.

Short sales differ from foreclosures. Although the sale price may be a good deal less than what is still owed on a loan, it may be more or less than the actual value of the home. A foreclosed home in Leisure Village is one that is actually owned by the bank holding the underlying loan — with the previous homeowners already having moved on.

Success in the foreclosure realm means saving money by buying Leisure Village foreclosed homes — and it means being aware of the motives of the lender. First, any bank will typically offer foreclosed homes on an as-is basis. To keep losses in check, no repairs will have been made on the property. Some homes may be in fine condition, but others will not. That’s why it’s so essential to be willing to pay for an inspection on the property: it’s the only way to know exactly what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line.

Unless you have prior success in buying Leisure Village foreclosed homes, it is universally recommended that you enlist a buyers agent to help throughout this process. An agent can advise you whether or not the property value is in line with the market for comparable properties in comparable condition. While you can work with the bank on your own, it is advantageous to have an experience professional to assist at the bargaining table.

If you are interested in buying foreclosed homes in Leisure Village this fall, why not contact me today to discuss your search parameters? The values really are out there to reward the patient — and anyone willing to put in a dollop of elbow grease!