Annual Pass System Changed for LV’s Safety and Health
LV’s familiar annual passes that enabled relatives and friends of residents and contractors to enter through entrance gates will become useless relics next month. A new computer-centered system will replace them on September 1.  Driven by health concerns surrounding Covid-19, annual passes will reside in an online file accessed only by LV’s Security Staff when a driver at a gate shows a valid driver’s license.  No more paper permits on the dash or in hand; that license must match with the onscreen information.
LVA wants to prevent residents, business people, and staff from the potential danger of physically handling paper forms. Applications can be picked up at the Main gate now and dropped off in a box at the Main Gate, where questions can be answered without personal contact. “This is safer for everyone,” explains Officer Danny Camacho. “And it will increase our security. It will stop people from trading or sharing passes or from driving in without a license.”
More than 3000 paper passes were issued last year. Sgt. Camacho acknowledges it could be more time consuming as the officers log into the computer to check identification. “But if the driver has his license ready, it will be quick,” he adds, particularly as LV’s officers become familiar with the system. There will be no public access to that computer file.
Applications are available now at the Main Gate. They are also available online at, click on forms. The new Annual Pass System will go into effect on Tuesday, September 1.