Leisure Village Camarillo CA

Ventura County Officials have just announced that Leisure Village facilities are open – starting immediately.  It will take some time to determine all the details – such as club schedules – however, LV residents can swim, picnic, work out in the Fitness Center, and return to enjoying the amenities that define our community so well.
Here are some of the important headlines:
1.    No reservations are needed for the use of recreational facilities, such as the Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Billiards Room, etc.
2.    All room and facility capacity limits have been lifted. That means no more rules such as those that used to allow only two people in a craft room at one time.
3.    Food and drink can be brought into the Recreation Center, Clubhouse, and the picnic area.
It will take some time for the Recreation Office to recreate the Club Schedules, meeting times and locations; that information will be finalized by July 19.
No guests will be permitted in LV facilities at this time. That is an issue to be decided by LV’s Board of Directors. A Working Board Meeting is scheduled for June 24th after the Annual Meeting so Directors can officially vote on rescinding COVID rules.
Masks are still highly recommended.