Our Swimming Pool Will Reopen on Wednesday!!
It’s good news but requires our attention because the rules for using the pool are very specific.
LV’s swimming pool will be open starting on Wednesday, June 17 during specific hours:
                                    7:00 AM – 12:00 (Noon)
                                    3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Only ten people may use the pool each hour. They can swim or walk in the water for a maximum of 45 minutes. Then they must exit the pool area so it can be disinfected before the next hour begins. The maximum number of lap swimmers permitted is 6 – only one per lane in each hour.
Residents must make a reservation for pool use the day before by calling the Recreation Office at 805-482-8961 from 8:15 AM to 11:45 AM and 1:00 Pm to 4:45 PM Monday through Friday. On Fridays, reservations will be taken for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Callers cannot leave a message.
Residents can enter the pool area only through the West Gate and only by checking in with the gate monitor. All other entrances will be closed. The monitor will take their temperatures, check IDs, and obtain their signatures on a community use waiver.
No lounging, sunbathing or sitting beside the pool is allowed. Chairs on the deck are to be used only for removing clothing and shoes. Residents must bring their own swim floats, noodles, etc.
The showers and shower rooms will remain locked. The bathrooms will be open only through the pool side. The use of the spa is limited to one household at a time.
Following are the Court approved emergency rules for pool use.
1. Active Use Only: The use of the pool is for active use only. No persons may enter the pool area for purposes of social gatherings, parties, sub-bathing or lounging.
2. Social Distancing Required: All pool users must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others, excepts for members of the same household.
3. Maximum Occupancy & Reservation System: No more than 10 persons may be in the pool at any given time. No more than 1 person may be in the spa at any given time, except for members of the same household.
            a) All pool users must reserve a time to use the pool, in one (1) hour time slots, subject to availability.
            b) No pool user may remain in the pool area for more than (1) hour per day while others are waiting.
            c) Reservations may be made by contacting the Recreation Office at least one day in advance.
4. Pool Hours: Daily pool hours have been reduced as directed by the Board of Directors and/or management.
5. Permissible Pool Users:
                  a) No one may use the pool or spa if he/she is ill and/or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Pool users should be free from any known physical or health problems involving a communicable disease when using the common area facilities.
                  b) Pool users are encouraged to take his/her temperature before entering the pool area and refrain from entering if signs of fever are apparent.
                  c) Pool users understand and agree that if they have received a lab-confirmed diagnosis or are experiencing symptoms of a communicable disease, including, but not limited to, COVID-19, or if he/she has come into contact with a person known to have contracted a communicable disease, for the sake of the common good and health of their neighbors, he/she will refrain from using the common area facilities for at least fourteen (14) days since such diagnosis or contact, or as otherwise recommended by a health professional.
                  d) Pool users will be limited to owners and tenants only. No guests, visitors or instructors will be permitted at this time.
6. Waiver: All persons who elect to use the pool do so strictly at their own risk. Each pool user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Association, its officers and directors, employees, committee members, and all other agents of the Association, from all claims, demands, causes of action, liabilities, injuries, losses, damages, illnesses, death, attorney’s fees and costs arising from or related to use of the pool by that person and his or her family members, tenants, and all other persons residing in his or her unit. All pool users are required to submit a waiver before being permitted into the pool area. You may request a copy of the waiver form from the Recreation Office.
7. Pool Monitor: The Association has hired pool monitors to check-in residents and to verify that each pool user has signed a waiver. Pool Monitors will report violations to management and/or security for enforcement of these Emergency Rules. All pool users are required to follow the instructions of the pool monitors.
8. Masks: All persons present in the common areas, including all areas of the pool deck must wear a mask/face covering. This is especially important when interacting with the pool monitors or other Association staff members. Masks and face coverings must be removed when a person enters the water.
9. Facilities: Bathrooms will remain open, but the showers will be closed (with the exception of the pool deck shower). No drinking fountains or lockers will be available.
10. Cleaning: The Association will perform regular cleaning and sanitization of the pool area surfaces and bathrooms. All pool users are to regularly wash their hands and apply hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be made available in the pool area and bathrooms.
11. Furniture: Limited pool furniture will be available for pool users and will be space at least 6 feet apart.
12. Signage: New signs will be placed around the pool area with various warnings related to COVID-19. All pool users shall read and abide by these signs.
13. Compliance with Other Rules: Unless they conflict with these Emergency Rules, all operative pool rules, Leisure Village Rules & Regulations and governing documents remain in full force and effect.