The Area Agency on Aging provides free services for adults sixty years and older who are in need of transportation to and from a COVID-19 vaccination appointment or testing site. This includes people who need mobility assistance as well as transportation. The driver will take you, wait for you, help you at the site and take you home. To schedule a ride, call 805-477-7300. You must have a vaccine appointment before you schedule a ride. The Agency suggests seniors call for reservations at least three days before their appointments. There is no charge for this service.


The Agency provides medical transport to accommodate those who use wheelchairs or need a gurney. People who are ambulatory will be served by the Agency’s collaboration with Uber which will call for the car and pay for the service. There is no charge to the senior for Uber; however he or she must have a smart phone.


When the appointment is made, the senior will be asked to fill out an application over the phone – address, date of birth, the location of the appointment, day and time, and their level of independence. The information is necessary so the proper transportation can be scheduled and the driver will know what is necessary for the senior.