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Studies show that when someone approaches your house, they decide in the first eight seconds whether they like it or not.  In the real estate business it’s known as curb appeal.  Curb appeal is most important when you are trying to sell a house or offer it for rent.  But even if you’re not, it’s something to think about.  Sometimes, people don’t even see their own front door because they enter through the garage.
It’s all too easy to let the front of the home maintenance get the best of us.  Clutter, leaves, dust and debris can accumulate and so do the chores involved in keeping things clean and neat.
Some suggestions for increasing curb appeal include washing down the front of the house including the front door and exterior light to eliminate cobwebs and dirt.  Gutters need to be cleaned and weeding, trimming and raking out leaves and debris is helpful, including removing empty flowerpots and flowerpots with dried-out or dead plants.  Does your doorbell, mailbox, door mat and exterior light fixture need to be replaced?  A handyman can easily and inexpensively replace these items.  Take a look at the landscaping and determine if replacing some plants will improve the curb appeal of your home.
If you’re thinking of selling or leasing your home, people want the home to look cared for and loved.  You may want to ask your Realtor for assistance.  It’s all about making your home as appealing as possible!

New Listing: Leisure Village Home for Sale on the Golf Course with Mountain Views

24106 Village 24, Leisure Village Camarillo Home for Sale by Sharron Parker

24106 Village 24, Leisure Village Camarillo Home for Sale by Sharron Parker

Great golf course location with mountian views, as well. This is the popular El Dorado model with almost 1500 sq. ft. of living space, two bedrooms, two baths plus a den, spacious living room, indoor laundry and enclosed patio room. Leisure Village offers its residents tennis, pool, spa, 18 hole – par 3 golf, wood shop, billiards, computer lab, bocce ball, lawn chess, horseshoes, WII bowling, shuffleboard, ceramics shop, exercise room, paddle tennis and a club for just about any interest.

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Many times after the death of a spouse, the surviving spouse may decide to sell the couple’s home in order to scale down or begin some new memories with the purchase of a new home.
If there is to be a loan on the new purchase, personal events can affect credit.  In the event of a spouse’s death, credit and debt issues may arise.  Stabilizing your credit in the event of a death can be difficult, especially if your spouse held all the credit in his or her name.  While resolving your financial affairs, keep in mind that credit accounts opened during marriage are automatically held jointly in California.  Paying bills is critical.  On-time bill payments during the next 18-24 months are important in order to maintain your credit.  Even one late payment can affect your ability to get a new loan or credit card.
By law, a creditor cannot automatically close a joint account or change the terms because of the death of one spouse.  Generally, the creditor will ask the survivor to file a new credit application in his or her own name.  After reviewing the new information, the creditor will then decide to continue to extend credit or alter the credit limit.  It’s a good idea to open a new credit card in the surviving spouse’s name only.