Social distancing of a minimum of 6′ must be maintained at all times while on the course or court. This is regardless of household status.

The tennis and paddle tennis courts are open during daylight hours.

No guests are allowed on the common area recreation areas including the sport courts, golf course, bocce ball courts, shuffleboard or chess set.

For now, no gathering to talk in small groups, per the revised order from the County Health Officer.

We will monitor the health orders and update as necessary.

Additional Rules for the Golf Course

A distance of 30′ must be maintained between groups playing on the course and on each hole. That means on the fairway and behind the T box area and between play areas. Remember the 6′ distance for each player in each group.

Up to 4 residents may play at a time while abiding by the 6′ and 30′ spacing.

You must stay at least 6′ away from patio outer edges and walls. If you must get a ball in that area, pick it up and move it. Do not play it in that area.

Due to the county order, there will be no flag sticks

Only approved motorized carts are allowed.

Abiding by the rules is up to each individual participant. If these rules are not followed, further restrictions will be made including closing the areas if needed.